Calgary Roadside Assistance

Calgary Towing company offers one of the best Road side assistance with precision. Did you notice how your car breaks down when you least expect it? Well that is how it is. Often times when you are in a hurry to get somewhere or planning to meet someone special or dressed to kill, that is the exact moment when your car chooses to trouble you. We at City Towing understand car troubles better than anyone else and that is why we are available to you 24/7 never taking a break or a holiday.

You may be stranded in a strange location or a highway late night not knowing what is in store for you. You may or may not know what problem your car is having. All this will create stress and anxiety and you may become restless unsure about what to do next. Simple – Just call City Towing road side assistance at 403-714-0740 and we will be at your beck and call within 20 minutes or earlier depending upon the location.

Our friendly and expert technicians will make you comfortable first and check to see what the problem is and offer you solution right on the spot. Need a flat tire replacement, jump start your car, unlock your car door, refuel gas or diesel, mechanic problems, anything under the sun or moon, we at Calgary Roadside assistance will help you with our high end tools and resources.

Some of the Road side assistance services offered by City Towing Services:

Flat tire change – If you have a flat tire don’t get your hands dirty, we can help you by replacing flat tires as quickly as possible. We have the latest tools and expert technicians to do the job and get you going.

Accident removal – Been in an accident? Call us and we will help you in every way possible as the situation warranties. Red Deer Roadside assistance has seen it all.

Ignition key replacement – You may not be able to start your car or your car accessories like air-conditioning or lights due to damaged or bad ignition key. We offer solutions for broken ignition key or ignition replacement. We are just a call away to provide you the best, quick and cost effective solution by removing and replacing the faulty ignition keys.

Transponder key programming – We have the latest tools and technology to reprogram your transponder key. We can cut the keys by code, copy the transponder and key fob to restart your car. We provide the best economical Transponder key solutions by replacing and reprogramming quickly so that you are on your way.

Broken ignition key extraction – Don’t try extracting the key yourself because you may cause more damage. We can extract broken ignition key.

Car key replacement – Our latest key cutting tools and technology will give you the best replacement car key.

Car key duplication – We provide duplicate keys as well that look and work the same as original ones.

Car lock picking – We have a huge array of lock picking tools to help you unlock your car door. Call us and we will help you.

Unlock car door – If you are locked out of your car or if your car key is broken or damaged, please do not try unlocking the car door yourself because you may damage it further and may cost you more. Just call us and we will help you unlock your car door with no damage to your car. We have the latest tools and technicians to handle such situations.

Open trunk services – Is the trunk of your car not opening? It may be due to a damaged key or the trunk may just be jammed and stuck. We can help you unlock your trunk without delay.

Jump start car – Starting problems? We can help you jump start your car.

Dead battery replacement – Is your car battery dying on you? Lack of battery maintenance or low air temperature will cause your car battery to weaken or totally die. If your battery is dead we can replace one instantly. *Auto Tip of the day – It helps to always use accessories like air-conditioning or lights to the minimum to prolong the life of your batteries.

Out of gas refueling – Sometimes you may run out of gas and the nearest gas station may be unreachable. Call us and we can refuel your car and get you going.

Auto mechanic services – Car problems that you are not able to identify? Having problems with heating and cooling, steering, brakes, radiator hose or any diagnostic issues? We can help you resolve that by offering the best state of the art technology and tools.

Auto battery assistance – Instead of replacing the battery sometimes recharging battery will help you get to your destination. We can assist you with recharging batteries.

All types of Towing Services – For further information regarding our towing services please click here.

Calgary side assistance is reputed for its reliability, customer care and cost effective on-the-spot car solutions. We guarantee our work and we care about you and your car!