Towing Calgary

Are you looking for a one-stop towing and road side assistance that is affordable and available 24/7?  Towing Calgary  services is the one for you, available right on spot when needed. We are just a phone call away for your emergency situation. We can comprehend your emergency and that is why we do not take a break, not even a holiday.

We understand how frustrating it can be to be stranded in the middle of nowhere and not a soul to help you when you need the most. Call City Towing  services and we will be available on the spot quicker than anyone else to offer you our expertise. We respect and understand your urgency and our friendly helpful technicians are professionals who can help you in towing, roadside assistance, fixing a flat tire, locksmith services and even out-of-gas services. Check out some of our invaluable services that we provide cost effectively.

Calgary Towing services :

Flat tire change – If you have a flat tire and are not able to change it yourself, it can be stressful. We have the tools and the technicians to help you replace flat tires as quickly as possible to get you going.

Accident removal – Been in an accident? Call us and we will help you in every way possible as the situation warranties.

Ignition key replacement – Damaged or bad ignition may prevent your vehicle from starting and accessories like lights or air conditioning may not function. We offer solutions for broken ignition key or ignition replacement. We are just a call away to provide you the best, quick and cost effective solution by removing and replacing the faulty ignition keys.

Transponder key programming – We have the latest tools and technology to reprogram your transponder key. We can cut the keys by code, copy the transponder and key fob to restart your car. We provide the best sensible Transponder key solutions by replacing and reprogramming quickly so that you are on your way.

Broken ignition key extraction – We can extract broken ignition key. Call us and please do not try that yourself.

Car key replacement – Want a replacement key for your car? We have the latest key cutting tools and technology to assist you with replacements.

Car key duplication – We provide duplicate keys as well that look and work the same as original ones.

Car lock picking – We have a huge array of lock picking tools to help you unlock your car door. Call us and we will help you.

Unlock car door – Are you locked out of your car? Is the key broken or damaged? Please do not try unlocking the car door yourself because you may damage it further and may cost you more. Just call us and we will help you unlock your car door with no damage to your car. We have the latest tools and technicians to handle such situations.

Open trunk services – Sometimes the trunk of your car may not open due to a damaged key or the trunk may have just jammed and stuck. We can help you unlock your trunk without delay.

Jump start car – Starting problems? We can help you jump start your car

Dead battery replacement – Lack of battery maintenance or low air temperature will cause your car battery to weaken or totally die. If your battery is dead we can replace one instantly. Do not try this yourself and it helps to always use accessories like air-conditioning or lights to the minimum to prolong the life of your batteries.

Out of gas refueling – Sometimes you may run out of gas and the nearest gas station may be unreachable. Call us and we can refuel your car and get you going.

Auto mechanic services – Car problems that you are not able to identify? Having problems with heating and cooling, steering, brakes, radiator hose or any diagnostic issues? We can help you resolve that by offering the best state of the art technology and tools.

Auto battery assistance

Towing dolly – We use only light weight towing dolly that has heavy-duty security chains and tire straps for additional safety for your car.

Long distance car tow – We have a range of tow trucks as a standby to help you tow your car even if it is long distance.

Flatbed towing – We know that you are concerned about your car’s wear and tear and safety, which is why we also offer you flatbed towing to give you greater peace of mind knowing that your car is safely towed.

Light duty towing – for cars and motorcycles.

Medium duty towing – We can handle bucket trucks to business class box vans and small buses. Camper vans, recreational vans, Step vans, trucks etc.

Wrecker services – We can help move disabled, improperly parked, impounded, or indisposed motor vehicles.

Motorcycle towing – Have you been in an accident or is your motorcycle damaged? We are here to help you tow your motorcycle to the nearest destination you desire.

Winching services – Is your car stuck? No problem, call us and we will help you extricate or winch your car from wherever it is stuck.

These are just a few of the services that we at City Towing towing services offer. We utilize only high end technology and tools to get you going. Our affordable rates and round the clock service is one of the best in the towing and road side assistance industry and we are proud of our customer service. Our customer feedback says it all.

Calgary Towing and Road side assistance services is a fully licensed and certified operators available 24/7 and in any emergency situation. Be it an accident or winching or any locksmith services we will provide the best in the least possible time.

If you want that elusive peace of mind and complete safety for your vehicle, call City Towing  services, we respect and value your emergency.